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Connect to the Past with Carefree Historic Properties

Historic homes in Carefree speak of a complex past, a story that incorporates many of the great elements of Arizona history. Originally no more than a wagon road feeding the westward push of the gold rush, the town gradually arose as settlers realized the land's potential for ranching. In 1874 a gold strike that quickly developed into the Mistress Mine increased the town's viability, and a post office sprang up as settlers tried mining, ranching and agriculture. Nearby water sources allowed irrigation, and the town took off as a general store and a schoolhouse were established to serve the community. Growth slowed until the 1930s and ’40s, when home building took off again, giving rise to many of the homes of today.

Plenty of Options with the Historic District in Carefree, AZ

One of Arizona's first master planned communities, Carefree offered the easy life of the Southwest paired with an uncommon sophistication. Home buyers will find these traits still paired today with the available historic homes. A few properties by famous architects even become available occasionally. Homes designed by Alfred Beadle in classic modern desert style as well as other modern-style houses offer sleek exteriors and interior features that are elegant and thoughtful.

Explore Area Historic Residential Centers

Historic home seekers may also be interested in the real estate in Cave Creek. Located less than three miles west of town, Cave Creek shares an intertwined past. Both towns are similarly rural and friendly, and both share the proximity to outdoor recreation that draws many real estate buyers to this town. One advantage that Cave Creek can offer over Carefree is a smattering of waterfront homes. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find Carefree historic properties to satisfy your needs.

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