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Bring Old and New Together with Apache Junction Historic Properties

Apache Junction historic homes are part of a heritage appreciated by the town's residents. These homes have witnessed the town's growth as a hub of transportation for the building of the Roosevelt Dam. These historic properties date as far back as the 19th Century, but most settlement took place in the 1950s and ‘60s. Each stage of the town's history is represented in these homes.

Enjoy the Historic Districts in Apache Junction, AZ

This settlement was first developed when gold was struck in the Superstition Mountains. Subsequent rich strikes created a small surge of building resulting in a current smattering of Apache Junction historic homes from this period. The nearby ghost town of Goldfield still stands as a testament to this wild time. The historic homes here recall this spirit. The nearby town of Goldfield can still be visited as a museum where Old West life is re-enacted to give real estate owners a true sense of the context of their historic home. More development took place with the completion of the Roosevelt Dame in 1911, but homes from the 1950s and ‘60s are the most commonly found for sale.

Where the Past and Present Meet

As the nearby urban center of Phoenix grew and development efforts in Apache Junction continued, many people began to build houses that would later become historic. Houses from that time period connects property owners to the past. The houses from this period bring classic style and modern convenience to prospective homeowners wishing to live in Apache Junction historic properties.

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