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Yuma Historical Real Estate Properties are Full of Character

Yuma is located in southwest Arizona and is filled with historical places and sights to enjoy. Initially, Yuma was home to several tribes of Native Americans, but as it became more industrialized, the city was known as being a major hub for steamboats and trains delivering passengers or freight. The Yuma Crossing Quartermaster Historic Site is open for tours, and many of the original buildings are still standing. Yuma also has a definite feel of the Old West, with the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, which shows how convicts lived nearly a century ago. The historic Main Street area in Yuma is currently under renovation, and will certainly offer real estate owners a pathway to the past. In addition to all of these historic sites, there are great neighborhoods with Yuma historical properties for sale. By searching the Multiple Listing Service, you can find vintage homes in Yuma AZ for sale, and these listings definitely have character. The MLS also shows that many up-and-coming areas are being developed in Yuma, including many new planned communities with lots of amenities.

Vintage homes in Yuma, Arizona offer a glimpse into the city’s history

By searching the Listing Service, you’ll find many Yuma historical properties for sale, ranging from early 1900s to the 1950s and forward. These historic homes are available throughout Yuma, and range from affordable to more luxurious historic properties. They all show a connection to Yuma’s past with their charming design, as well as their location.

There are also many new properties available throughout Yuma in planned communities with excellent views and amenities. Barkley Estates and La Quinta at Barkley Ranch are two great communities that offer beautiful homes with a lot of space. La Quinta at Barkley Ranch offers villa-style living and streets with gas lamp lights that provide a historical feeling to the community. Both communities offer the property owner ample space inside and out, with a half acre lot being standard with each home at Barkley Ranch.

Snowbirds may prefer condo living to Yuma historical real estate properties

For home buyers who want to live in Yuma in the winter, condo-style living is a great way to live without the maintenance and spaciousness of vintage homes in Yuma. Yuma Meadows is great for young families or retirees. These townhomes have beautifully landscaped back yards that are maintained for the condo owner. Part-time senior residents will delight in the amenities.

Owners of vintage homes in Yuma enjoy a multitude of recreational activities

Yuma’s landscape lends itself to opportunities for staying active and fit. Land and water features that provide recreational opportunities in Yuma include the Gila Mountains and the Gila and Colorado rivers. Hiking, boating and rafting opportunities are available year round. Additionally, there are 13 public golf courses in Yuma that are fun for the entire family.

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