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Tombstone Pool Homes Provide a Cool Break from the Arizona Sun

Tombstone, Arizona pool homes for sale are found in various neighborhoods throughout this charming town. Tombstone Meadows, Tombstone Townsites, Coronado Heights, Holiday Ranch Estates, and Bowman Addition all have property owners who have built their own private pool in the privacy of their own back yard. Search our Multiple Listing Services for homes with private pools in Tombstone, Arizona.

Tombstone pool properties on MLS give owners an escape from everyday life

Tombstone AZ pool homes for sale let property owners enjoy a peaceful environment without having to leave the comfort of their own back yard. Our Listing Service will be able to present to you the pool homes that are currently on the market in Tombstone and other delightful Arizona towns.

Real estate in Coronado Heights and Tombstone Townsites includes homes for sale that were built since the mid 1990s with Victorian and ranch architecture. These two neighborhoods have homes that have up to two acres of land, which gives property owners plenty of extra room for a private pool or spa. Bowman Addition is another community in Tombstone with pool properties on MLS. You will find homes that have up to 3,000 square feet of living space on one-acre lots that have been around since the 1950s. Bowman Addition consists of manufactured homes that are low maintenance for their owners. Holiday Ranch Estates is an additional option for Tombstone pool homes for sale built in the early 2000s. With up to one acre of land, families are given plenty of space for their own private pools. Not to be forgotten is the cozy community of Tombstone Meadows, which features private pool estates from the 1990s. As you can see, Tombstone pool homes are found in a variety of neighborhoods. Owning a private pool in Tombstone is a perfect way to escape the warm Arizona summer days. You are sure to find an affordable Tombstone pool property on MLS.

Tombstone AZ pool homes for sale are located in a great town

An inexpensive home with a pool is only one reason families have come to settle down in Tombstone. They also enjoy the historic atmosphere that this community has maintained over the years. Downtown Tombstone has unpaved roads that will take you to buildings that are as old as the town itself. Stagecoach and wagon tours will show you these buildings along with other area attractions such as the Boot Hill Graveyard with graves of local criminals from Tombstone’s early days as well as the victims of violence that this town once held. Today, Tombstone is a fabulous family town that enjoys the peace and quiet that Tombstone has to offer its pool property owners. Tombstone’s City Park gives children a nice area to play and swing on the swing sets while parents can relax in the gazebo or host a picnic for their friends and family.

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