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Catch the Waves and Explore near Page Waterfront Property Homes

Though Page is surrounded by the northern Arizona desert, prospective home buyers can find Page lakefront homes on our Multiple Listing Service. As the only town adjacent to AZ’s famous Lake Powell, Page waterfront properties for sale offer spectacular lake views and water-related activities for the adventuresome property owners. Many homeowners keep one of the Page lakefront homes as a second home for vacation or even retirement. With affordable property values, a local real estate agent can help you find a perfect house in Page on the water or off. On our Listing Service, you can find lakefront real estate that is low-maintenance and offers luxury amenities. The Lake Powell View Estates is an ideal waterfront community in Page that provides many amenities and glorious scenery. Some Page lakefront communities include a deck and bay windows so you can enjoy your waterfront view without leaving your house. Other residential waterfront properties in Page set atop a hill that overlooks the beautiful Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. You can watch the ducks or boats float by on the lake or even fish while sitting along the lake.

Appreciate ancient history with Page waterfront properties for sale

Homes for sale along Lake Powell can enjoy the history of the Native American culture which helped to shape the region of northern AZ. Owners of Page lakefront homes can find many archeological sites and explore the remains of ancestral Pueblo culture near the same area as Page houses for sale. For instance, the ancient Anasazi ruins showcase the intact dwellings and storage rooms that the peoples of the ancient culture created and maintained. Visitors will also find pictographs and petroglyphs in these ancient structures.

Page waterfront property owners and visitors can find several open sites where they can visit these ancient dwellings in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Named for its pictograph at the entrance that has three warriors brandishing their swords, the Defiance house is a popular attraction within these ancient dwellings. Located three miles up the middle fork of the Forgotten Canyon, visitors will find some small cliff dwellings and other sites from the Anasazi past. These dwellings have some of the best preserved structures and most of the roofs are still in place. Years ago, researchers even found bowls that still contained food from this ancient time period.

Relax while fishing from your Page lakefront homes

Lake Powell, which extends from southern Utah to northern Arizona, offers many fishing opportunities for Page property owners and visitors. Within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, owners of Page lakefront homes can delight in many water-related activities coupled with backcountry recreations. Fishers also have access to an abundant supply of game fish, including bass, crappie, walleye, catfish, and bluegill. In most sections, only hook and line fishing is allowed and fishers can chum for striped bass with dead anchovies. Visitors can acquire a 1-day, 5-day, or 4-month license at any one of the many area marinas. Owners of Page waterfront properties will learn that any fisherman is sure to enjoy a huge lake so close to home.

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