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Buyers love the Page View Properties for Sale on our Listing Service

Page Arizona view real estate properties are an ideal way to enjoy the surrounding desert landscape and the attractions nearby. A local real estate agent can help you find Page view homes for sale on our Multiple Listing Service in the Lake Powell View Estates or one of the many individual homes in other parts of the city. Since this real estate view community sits along the amazingly beautiful Lake Powell, view property owners are treated to daily views of breathtaking lakefront scenes and features. The Page view real estate homes in Lake Powell View Estates have a number of amenities to fit any lifestyle. With MLS, you can find a variety of floor plans and custom amenities for your particular house to fit any home buyer’s lifestyle. You can also revel in these mountain-view estates because many of the homes in the neighborhood have large windows so you can appreciate the panoramic views of the Navajo Mountains and Tower Butte.

Buyers of Page view homes for sale find condos a good, low-maintenance option

Condo property owners can also enjoy view real estate properties in the new Toroweap townhouse community. Built on the rim of the Glen Canyon, property owners will be delighted to see the features that only Lake Powell and the surrounding Canyon Country has to offer. The town of Page also contributes to the spectacular views in several ways. Page is known as a “dark sky community” because owners of Page Arizona view real estate properties can appreciate the unobstructed views of the nighttime sky. With very few lights in the city, condo view real estate owners see a sky that is dotted brightly by the sparkling stars because they shine clearer than they do in busier metropolitan areas.

Hike across the canyons from Page Arizona view real estate properties

Owners of Page view homes for sale have immediate access to the nearby Glen Canyon Dam Overlook. This is a great place to enjoy a day of hiking or other outdoor adventures with friends or family. With great views of the famous Colorado River, hikers can go along the Horseshoe Bend or the Winegrass Canyon for some of the best scenery in the region. These long hiking trails are strenuous for inexperienced hikers, but they end up at beautiful Lake Powell. Along the way, you can enjoy the colorful cliff views as well as the alcoves and natural bridges.

Adventure seekers will also appreciate hiking and camping through the Orange Cliffs which are bordered by the beautiful Canyonlands National Park. Set in the Colorado Plateau region, this is an ideal place to visit during the spring and summer seasons. The mild weather and surrounding nature gives owners and visitors of Page, Arizona real estate properties the opportunity to test their camping skills for overnight or extended stays. For those who are less adventurous but still want to experience the regional scenes and nature, there is also a driving tour through the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Take a drive along the Burr Trail and enjoy the views of the legendary Navajo Mountains that were formed by molten rock. Along the Waterpocket Trail, you will also notice the colorful rock layers that extend for over 100 miles. Peekaboo Arch is another natural scenic attraction that appears along the AZ skyline and future owners of Page view homes will enjoy the attraction.

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