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Safford Equestrian Real Estate Very Reasonable

Safford’s pioneering and mining heritage are still relevant today with residents fostering a free spirited mentality mingled with hard-working ethics and values. Located in the southeast portion of Arizona, residents in this town are treated to mountainous vistas, diverse flora, fauna and wildlife. The world famous Mount Graham is the highest peak in the Pinaleno Mountains. Mount Graham features the world largest land based telescope drawing scientists, tourists and hopeful star gazers from all around. The refreshing mountain climate is attractive to those wanting horse-ready properties in Safford, AZ. Escape the hot, crowded neighborhoods of Tucson and Phoenix and explore the cool countryside and hills of Safford, Arizona on horseback.

Safford Horse-Ready Properties Promote Fulfillment in Nature

Natural hot springs can be found scattered across the region where you can co-mingle with other enthusiasts in either a rustic spring or visit one of the resort facilities. Load the horses up and visit Gila Box Conservation Area where you can ride among pines, spruce and elder trees. Don’t be startled by one of the area mule deer or black bear foraging for leaves and berries. In the summer, a dip in one of the many area lakes can provide cool refreshment and recreation. And for big city shopping, Phoenix is 160 miles to the west, but you will rarely need to go because Safford is the retail shopping and service center for the entire county. Check out our listings for Safford equestrian real estatetoday.

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