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Relive the Old West with Arivaca Equestrian Properties

Arivaca presents a unique opportunity for horse owners looking for acreage for equestrian facilities. The area around this town is still classified as open range, so property owners can ride and herd cattle just like the cowboys of old. After a day in the saddle, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the sunset, as well as the most gorgeous night sky views imaginable.

Live the Good Life in Horse-Friendly Arivaca Communities

Arivaca horse properties are in real cowboy country, where people still know the value of a good horse. The people around here also know that their animals need room to run on a regular basis instead of being cooped up in an 8-by-8 stall. The land plots here allows for plenty of room for a well-designed barn, a huge riding arena and, most importantly, to let your horse run like the wind.

In Arivaca, Riding is Done on Four Legs, Not Wheels

This is one of the few areas left where open range ranching is still practiced. Only a cowboy on horseback can follow where the cattle lead, not on a four-wheeler or in a pickup. Horse owners can feel as comfortable riding in this town as they would driving their car to the local grocery store or the post office. The city is not loaded with luxury stores or fancy restaurants, and traffic jams only happen when the local cattle decide they don’t want to get across the road. Look into Arivaca equestrian properties today, and live the life of a real cowboy.

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